Report Brute force attacks on our servers May 2016

Click to enlargePlease keep in mind that this article refers to new attacks only as the IPs where from was the previous attacks are already banned

In may 2016 there are a few changes on Brute Force attacks against our datacenter.

First of all after 20th of April there was a more quiet period, the attacks was less with about 50%

The second difference it is given by the attacks from USA with an increase from 24.48% in April to 29.39% which is almost 5 percent.

But let’s take a closer look to TOP 5 originating countries of new BFA against our datacenter:

  1. USA – 29.39 % (+4.91% reported to May 2016)
  2. Russia – 9.92% (+3.15% reported to May 2016)
  3. Poland – 6.11% (-1.70% reported to may 2016)
  4. The 4th place has 3 countries with 4.58% each of them: Chile (+4.06%),  Nederlands (-1.15%), UK (+1.46%)
  5. Germany – 4.20% (+1.08%)


The top 5 attack originating countries in April 2016 was (click here to see the page):

  1. USA with a rate of 24.48%
  2. France with a rate of 10.94%
  3. Poland with a rate of 7.81%
  4. Russia witha a rate of 6.77%
  5. Turkey with a rate of 6.25%

If we check the numbers we see that France it is no more on top 5 and this because the new attacks drop with more than 50%. The same Turkey it is no more on Top 5. The new attacks from Turkey drop with 16.17%

Russia increased the new attacks as US and arrived from 4th place direct to the 2nd one.

The most interesting this month it is the 4th place where we have no less than 3 originating countries.


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