Report: Brute Force Attacks on our servers April 2016

As we already wrote, one of the attack target on any WordPress web hosting data center it is the Brute Force Attack, when the intruder try to check even 1000 password per minute in order to hack a web site.

brute_force_attacks_may_2016As our policy it is not only to stop, but also to ban completely the IPs where from come the attacks, we reduce the risks that your website hosted in Custom Cloud Servers to be hacked.

We also checked what’s happens if we not ban those IPs: the attacks come back after hours or days.

For April 2016 the red day was on April 24th with the biggest new attacks number and the green day was on April 27th

The top 5 attack originating countries are:

  1. USA with a rate of 24.48%
  2. France with a rate of 10.94%
  3. Poland with a rate of 7.81%
  4. Russia witha a rate of 6.77%
  5. Turkey with a rate of 6.25%

The Top 5 countries represents 56.25% from the total number of new attacks in April.

Looking to May 2016 (till date) the first place it is still USA with ~28% from the total of May new brute force attack.



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