Last 10 days Brute Force Attacks in our Data Center Report

We already explained the Brute Force Attack in a previous article

Our Data Center it is also the target of such attacks, as it is normal. We counter only new attacks each day as the old one are already banned, so we are not interested on that ones.

Last 10 days new Brute Force Attacks statisticsSeries1 represent the total number of new attacks in our data center. (click the pic to enlarge it)

The TOP 5 countries where from are originating those attacks are as follow

  1. USA 20%
  2. France 13%
  3. Poland 8%
  4. Turkey 7%
  5. Ukraine 6%

As you could see more than 50% of attacks are from the TOP 5 countries.


Each day we check the reports from our servers in order to improve the security of the hosted web sites.

WordPress it is one of the most popular platform used  by websites. But it is also the target of a huge attacks each day. Ensuring that we secure the hosted WordPress websites we ensure that the processors of our datacenters are not used by this attacks, so the bandwidth. But the most precious part are the user passwords which are staying safe.

A security breach could transform a website into a zombie for viruses like malware or ransomware.

As a final note please keep your password difficult to guess.

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